For you, we have negotiated special packages with three insurance companies in Kenya to provide services  in medical, motor and professional indemnity insurance. As a member of the association, you are able to get these policies at the best market rates.





This AAK members' scheme is customized to serve you, your family members and your employees. 

Why should you take it? Well, it is yours as a member. You will get:

                       - Discounted premiums

                       - Waived waiting periods

                       - Enhanced benefits for both inpatient and outpatient

                       - Insurance premium financing

                       - Family rates and benefits for both inpatient and outpatient

                      - Online registration and payments

Click here for Madison Insurance Application Form


Motor Vehicle

 You are now able to take a cover for your private motor vehicle with this brokered cover. It has fine features such as:

                     - Discounted premium rates

                     - Excess Protector

                    - Political Violence and Terrorism cover

                    - Courtesy Car

                    - AA Membership


Professional Indemnity

This cover spans limits from as low as 500,000 up to 500 Million

The benefits include:

  •    - Defamation
  •    - Dishonesty and cost of disciplinary hearings
  •    - Breech of professional duty
  •    - Financial protection from financial loss incurred by your client
  •    - Libel and slander




For more information contact us on:

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Phone: +254 775 471 772

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